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Re: Sync contacts and calandar on Ubuntu Phone with SyncEvolution (CardDav & CalDav protocols) from an Owncloud instance under self-signed certificate


Il 02/07/2015 07:39, Vincent ha scritto:
As said in the (long) subject, I'm trying to do this with a standard
protocol, not with a Google Account. My CardDav/Caldav provider is an
Owncloud installed on my own server.

Someone else?

In my case (syncevolution towards OwnCloud) things are working as expected, but I have bought a regular certificate from a CA.

Anyway, i saw in a askubuntu page linked from another message in this list that

"if you are using a self-signed certificate you would download it from the server, save it localy and tell syncevolution where to find it SSLServerCertificates="/home/phablet/YOURCERTIFICATE.crt". You can place this command just after the URL parameter."

Link to the page:



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