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Re: OPEN BETA: CI Train Spreadsheet Replacement


On Jul 9, 2015 4:01 PM, "Stephen M. Webb" <stephen.webb@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> On 15-07-07 06:26 PM, Robert Park wrote:
> >
> > 8. Reply to this email with any concerns/bugs/feature requests you
might have.
> This is deliciously slick, but what would improve it big heap dealie
would be to make some of the entry fields drop-down
> selections (eg.
> QA Signoff Status, Distribution, Series)

That's already there! But it was necessary to keep the fields as free-form
because reasons. Html is a bit weird, but if you double click the field it
has a drop down of suggestions.

> and have the lander's nick automatically added by default to the Lander

Ooh good call, I'll get on that.

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