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OPEN BETA: CI Train Spreadsheet Replacement


Hello! The CI Train Spreadsheet Replacement (known as Bileto) is now
ready for testing from a wider audience. All users of CI Train are
invited to have their say in the future of CI Train.

If you would like to ensure that Bileto meets your needs, please
perform the following steps:

1. Visit Bileto[0], and sign in with your SSO.

2. Once you've signed in, you'll be presented with a 'New Request'
form, please fill it out with a sample landing the same way you might
do with the spreadsheet, and click save. (note that if you are copy &
pasting from the spreadsheet, many fields will have invalid
double-quotes at the beginning and end that you'll need to manually

3. Then click 'Assign' button to open Jenkins, and click 'Build' on
the jenkins form.

4. Go back to Bileto[0] and behold the name of your assigned silo
appear next to the request number (well, maybe after a minute or so,
after the jenkins job finishes running)

5. Click the siloname and see the dashboard open displaying only that
silo, and wait a minute for the status to appear as 'Silo ready to

6. Click build, and watch the status update in both the requests page
and the dashboard page.

7. Poke around a bit.

8. Reply to this email with any concerns/bugs/feature requests you might have.


KNOWN ISSUES: None! I fixed everything everybody complained about from
the previous round of testing.

[0] http://requests.ci-train.staging.ubuntu.com/

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