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Re: ANNOUNCEMENT: Train Spreadsheet now fully migrated


Hi Robert,

Thanks for migrating the data.

Le 31/07/2015 02:51, Robert Park a écrit :
Other than this there's a bug that seems to cause flask worker
processes to slowly hang one by one, and the more that hang the more
likely you are to get an HTTP500 from the API. I've pushed an
experimental fix but I'm not yet certain if it's been effective so
please inform me if you experience any of the following symptoms:

* service seems really "slow" (eg takes a long time for the requests
to show up, it should be quick)
* you get "logged out" a lot (if this happens just reload the page,
don't log in again)
* you see the requests page with no requests displayed (it should
always display even logged out)
* you see HTTP500 coming fromhttps://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/v1/tickets

It's less frequent but still happening with the API.


Jean-Baptiste Lallement
Canonical Services Ltd.
IRC: jibel

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