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Adding Non-"Language" Keyboard


I was wanting to add a more techie keyboard layout to my phone, esp making keys like /, |, *, ", etc accessible from the front keyboard layout, rather than having to hit the symbol key (_and_ shift for " - I don't know why that is hidden away back there, but anyway), primarily for when I'm SSHed onto my server.  Can I install my own custom keyboard layout just on my phone?  Also, once I had got it refined, I was thinking of making it available to everyone (or this may be the only way I can add a new version) - I found this article https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KeyboardLayouts but it refers to adding new language layouts, would non-language branch merges be accepted, or would they have to have a valid language code? If the former, what code should I use in the name?  Would "tech" be accepted (to definitely avoid any conflicts) or does it have to be 2 character?