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Re: Mycroft Skills on Ubuntu Phone


On Sat, 2015-10-24 at 16:28 -0300, Jonathan D'Orleans wrote:
> Dial Call usecase:
> 1. Turn on my phone (or Ubuntu device) and login
> 2. Say: "Mycroft, call my wife"
> 3. Mycroft do a Dial Call to my wife's phone number

For both of these cases you'll want to query the addressbook. It is
stored in EDS and we have a QtOrganizer plugin to access it, you can use
either API. From there I'd recommend using a URL and dispatching it via
URL DIspatcher, there is a liburl-dispatcher or you can use the Qt URL
API. So basically send:


Which will open up the dialer and populate it with that number.

> Send a SMS usecase:
> 1. Turn on my phone (or Ubuntu device) and login
> 2. Say: "Mycroft, tell Jonathan I'll arrive at 15 o'clock"
> 3. Mycroft Send a SMS to Jonathan's phone number

I'm not sure that there is a similar interface for messaging. But if you
talk to the messaging app developers I don't think it would be super
difficult to build one.

Generally speaking, questions about the services that are phone specific
are probably best on the ubuntu-phone mailing list. I've CC'd it.


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