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ANNOUNCEMENT: Happy American Thanksgiving! I'm thankful for... new CI Train features! ; -)


Hi everybody!

Hope everybody enjoyed their Turkey. While you were away, I did a fun
little train feature!

Train builds are now cancellable!

Well, you could cancel them before, but the difference is that now
there's a decent chance that cancelling the job won't destroy the

Previously, the first thing the build job would do is delete all it's
state and start your build fresh. This meant that if you cancelled the
build, the silo would be left without any state, and you'd be forced
to rebuild anyway in order to get the train back into a good state.

Now, the train prepares source packages in a temporary directory, and
only clears the previous state towards the end of the job. So this
means that if you cancel the job, the previous state is preserved and
the half-built packages are discarded.

The only catch is that the previous state is discarded at the point
where package branches are pushed to launchpad. So cancelling the
build job towards the end can still put the silo into an inconsistent
state. But if you're looking at your build log and the last line of
the log is at or before "Building foobar source package.", it is
totally safe to cancel the job at that point. Fortunately that is by
far the longest and slowest part of the build job, so by my rough
estimation, the job is safe to cancel during the first 90% of the time
it is running.


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