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Re: Unity app indicators and convergence


Thank you, Thomas, that's cool. I've started to check the progress on
this with the Mir team on IRC. Good to know.

As for indicators in general (that was my former link [2]), is that
the most current documentation? I've tried to find some how-to's,
especially for developing with Python, but there's not much to be
found. My best guess was to look at the source code of existing
projects. That is helpful, even though they're typically written in C,
but a demonstrated clean Python approach would be nice.

An interesting indicator I found a design document about is the Sync
Menu [5]. Is there some work progressing on this, or is this expected
to come from vendors and/or the community? Who is in charge of this

[5] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SyncMenu

Cheers, Peter

2015-11-26 21:35 GMT+01:00 Thomas Voß <thomas.voss@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> Hi Peter,
> in the context of convergence, the Unity8 desktop environment will be
> powered by Mir. With that, the approach presented in
> [1] is not going to work as
>   (a.) X is not going to be around as the primary display server anymore.
>   (b.) Mir does not expose information about the global coordinate
> system (required to get window placement right).
> However, as the consistent placement of windows (in multi-monitor
> scenarios) has been requested numerous times
> for the current version of Unity, we decided that Mir should offer
> support for it out of the box. IIRC, the implementation is
> work-in-progress
> and we are certainly happy for all sorts of contributions (testing,
> code, ideas and reviews). The Mir team can be reached via
> their mailing list (see [3]) or in #ubuntu-mir@freenode.
> If you still would like to contribute to the current version of Unity,
> the best place to ask your indicator-specific questions is on
> the ubuntu-desktop mailing list (see [4]) or in #ubuntu-desktop@freenode.
> Have a great day,
> Cheers,
>   Thomas
> [3] https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/Mir-devel
> [4] https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-desktop
> On Thu, Nov 26, 2015 at 8:54 PM, Peter Bittner <peter.bittner@xxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I have the need for a utility that saves the state of all open windows
>> on the desktop, so that when I attach or detach one or more external
>> monitors all application windows are restored in size and position the
>> way they were last time that specific monitor setting was active.
>> There is a solution for this problem [1], but in order to make this
>> application accessible to mainstream I would like to write an
>> application with an app indicator that gives easy control.
>> Is there something special to think about and to take into
>> consideration with regards to convergence when implementing this?
>> Where do I find the up-to-date documentation (is it [2], or is that
>> source out-of-date?), sample implementations, how-to's, etc.?
>> Thanks in advance for any hints,
>> Peter
>> [1] http://askubuntu.com/questions/561197/is-there-a-way-to-prevent-your-windows-from-moving-when-an-external-monitor-is-c/561824?noredirect=1#comment1022616_561824
>> [2] https://unity.ubuntu.com/projects/appindicators/

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