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Re: Host Linux-Distros on USB like Drive-Droid


Hey Max,

this sounds pretty interesting. Apparently it needs root access, but
otherwise runs on unmodified kernels.

I know that up until Jelly Bean (4.1), Android devices appeared as
standard USB mass storage devices by default. So it was probably enough
to "just" temporarily set up a backing store with an ISO or VFAT
filesystem and the right contents, and then pass the right parameters to
the the USB Mass Storage Gadget kernel driver (see for example

But more recent Android devices usually don't support USB Mass Storage
Mode anymore and use MTP instead, which PCs can't boot from.

So does Drive-Droid still work with more recent phones?


Am 11/26/2015 um 10:33 PM schrieb Max Kristen:
> Hi,
> Is there a way to emulate some functionality of "DriveDroid" on the
> Ubuntu Phone?
> DriveDroid is a program where you can drop Distros in a folder on your
> phone, and it emulates a bootable USB-Stick/Usb-Cdrom, wich is awesome,
> so that you don't have to rewrite USB sticks or Burn USBs all the time.
> Can I emulate something like that... It makes it really easy to install
> Linux for people ;)
> With Regards
> Max