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s390x to be enabled for landing silos


Now that the s390x architecture bootstrap for xenial has made some headway,
we will shortly be adding s390x to the list of enabled architectures for the
landing silo ppas.  This will enable packages uploaded these silos to again
built for all architectures, and avoid the situation that packages will
build successfully in the silo, be published, and then have to block again
waiting for an s390x build in -proposed.

As always, if a package that is specific to the client stack fails to build
on an architecture where it is not supported - such as on s390x - this build
failure will not block the package from inclusion in the distribution.
However - as always - if a package has previously built for an architecture,
it is considered a regression if it stops building successfully, and
requires a manual package removal to ack such a regression.

In general, the addition of s390x to the silo architectures should be a
non-event for landers (and certainly will be for phone users ;).  This is
just to let you know why you'll be seeing "s390x" where you haven't before.

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