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Landing team 04.01.16


Hello everyone,

Happy new year! We're now back with our daily landing team e-mails.
Today there's a lot to write so up-front apologies for the length of the

Landings have resumed after the End-of-Year holidays, with a new bugfix
release of indicator-sound, leak-fix for ubuntu-system-settings and a
new big release of webbrowser-app with both fixes and features (some for
convergence like keyboard-shortcuts, others for the touch form-factor)
landing in the overlay. QA is in the middle of testing a few other
silos, one carrying the fix for the irritating bug causing issues with
dialer-app interaction - LP: #1528668 [1].

A reminder to all developers: officially speaking this week we have two
deadlines for OTA-9 - the string/feature freeze tomorrow (EOD) and the
final freeze on Friday (also EOD). This means there's not much time left
for submitting both your features (till tomorrow) or any other changes
(end of week). We will be setting an auto-build of the release candidate
for Saturday morning so that QA can pick it up first thing on Monday.
Also, some development teams seem to have issues due to CI
infrastructure hiccups which seem to complicate their plans. We're
looking into how this affects our feature-completeness for OTA-9 - but
more on that later.

In other news, today we have promoted a new devel image from the
-proposed channel. Generally every week on Monday we will be querying QA
for the devel-proposed image status and promoting the image if they give
us 'green' light. Remember: 'green' light in case of devel means that:
the shell is booting, networking is present and developer mode can be
enabled - so we don't really guarantee the phone bits working on this
channel. As we mentioned multiple times, devel is purely for developers
to check if their changes do not break on the latest Ubuntu series.
Absolutely not recommended for any other use.

See you tomorrow!

[1] https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/qtubuntu/+bug/1528668

* What landed in our images:

#220 rc-proposed/krillin

* Some useful documentation:



* Blocking issues (stable):


* Blocking issues (devel):

** Ubuntu-emulator is broken on rc image 3
 -> There still seem to be issues with the emulator both on rc-proposed
and devel-proposed - might block stable promotion

* Issues in need of attention:

** Install the calendar app by default

** Install the Dekko email app by default

Best regards,

Łukasz 'sil2100' Zemczak
 Foundations Team