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The unbreakable device!


Until recently I prided myself on being the only person in the universe who doesn't own a smashed phone. Unfortunately my BQ let me down a few months back and now has a minor crack in the cover glass in an area that doesn't matter, where you can barely see it.

Being a parent with a rather difficult 2 year old (I believe that comes as standard at this age) there are moments when dealing with him eclipses the normal common sense behaviours we all adopt. A perfect example was when I was putting him in his car seat earlier in the week and he was refusing. I needed to put my phone down so it ended up on the car roof. Strapping him in took a while as he is DAMN strong and once done the phone got forgotten about.

I drove off and realised my mistake pretty much right away. Pulled over, no phone, drove back checked the area on foot, no phone. Driving back to where I pulled over I found the phone laid in the road a full 5 inches away from its cover. To my amazement the phone suffered no damage at all from this incident.

I have noticed in the past when dropped the phone breaks apart down the seam, almost like a crumple zone in a car. All you have to do is clip it back together and all is good. These little BQs do seem to perform well above their price point when it comes to taking a bashing.

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