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Re: Miracast - WiFi Displays


On 28.02.2016 19:32, Marco Graziotti wrote:
> Hi Robin,
> I'm interested in "aethercast" because my MX4 don't support wired
> connection.
> Can you indicate the correct procedure to install and try aethercast?

We already have code in place which does proper display streaming but
this is currently working only on one particular device: The upcoming
Meizu MX Pro 5. The reason for this is just that we used specific API
functions which are available just on Android 5.x and therefore not on
devices based based on Android 4.x like the MX4. However this doesn't
mean that Miracast wont work on that device and that wont add support
for it. It just requires us to rework the encoding side in aethercast a
bit so that it supports multiple Android versions. Work for this is
currently in progress.

Currently if you follow the instructions on [1] you wont get anything
working on any other device than the Meizu MX Pro 5.

There is quite a lot of work going on and we will for sure state in the
public when this is ready for test on other devices.

Sorry that you can't test this yet but we're working quite hard to make
that possible.


[1]: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/DisplayCasting

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