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Re: Local copy of the SD reproduced movies


On 12/04/2016 14:04, Stefano Verzegnassi wrote:
> Why should file-manager implement an exception for a single content type?

To make things more complicated, this exception should not be made on
the content type, but on the receiving application: if one implements
another video player application (in a normally confined click package)
and it's asked to open the file via the url-dispatcher, it might not
have the permissions to do so.

I can see two possible solutions:

Make URL-dispatcher smarter: on "file://" urls, if the file is
unreadable by the receiving app...

  A) ... url-dispatcher somehow modifies the apparmor policy of the
     receiving app, to grant it read access to the file.
  B) ... url-dispatcher creates a copy of the file in a directory
     readable by the receiver, and modifies the URL accordingly.

And actually, the content-hub could operate in a similar way: if we
could alter the apparmor rules of the receiver application, we could
avoid copying the files and just grant read-access to the app.

Can AppArmor do this kind of stuff?


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