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Re: Cannot load sd-photos via USB


El día Tuesday, September 20, 2016 a las 10:57:50AM +0200, Martin Bolte escribió:

> Hello list,
> I detected a strange behaviour on my Aquaris E4.5 running Krillin.
> I store photos from the Camera onto the SD-card. When I connect over USB 
> the files in the DCIM folder or in the /Pictures-folder are not 
> displayed or only partly displayed on the computer (running Ubuntu 
> 16/04), so I can't import them and have to take the card out of the 
> phone in order to import manually.
> Within in the photo gallery everything was displayed correctly.

How do you move/copy the files from ~phablet/... to the MicroSD?
Can you please use cp and compare them after the copy with ls and md5.

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