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Re: "platform-api" dependency!


On 15/11/16 15:51, ali hagigat wrote:
> The Ubuntu architecture  has a layer named "platform-api". Does this
> layer depend on the type of Ubuntu distribution? Like, "platform-api"
> for UbuntuTouch is different with "platform-api" in the desktop x86_64
> Ubuntu?

Yep. Platform-api is intended to abstract away low-level platform

For example, on UbuntuTouch the "platform" APIs (which are for things
like sensors, gps, alarms) are backed by code that may be running on the
android side, and pass via libhybris. On desktop, those APIs are usually
backed by more typical daemons and kernel interfaces.

We didn't want developers to care about those details, and ease convergence.

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