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Re: system-image-cli


W dniu 30.11.2016 o 12:30, Mitchell Reese pisze:
> sudo system-image-cli -b 121
> No luck. Process completes and reboots however I'm still on version 122.
> I can only ssh into the device. What am I doing wrong?

From `man system-image-cli`:

>   -b BUILD, --build BUILD
>                         Override the current build number just this once
>   -m MAXIMAGE, --maximage MAXIMAGE
>                         After the winning upgrade path is selected, remove all
>                         images with version numbers greater than the given
>                         one. If no images remain in the winning path, the
>                         device is considered up-to-date.

You want "--build 0 --maximage 121"

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