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Re: system-image-cli


On 30/11/16 23:49, Michał Sawicz wrote:
W dniu 30.11.2016 o 12:30, Mitchell Reese pisze:
sudo system-image-cli -b 121

No luck. Process completes and reboots however I'm still on version 122.
I can only ssh into the device. What am I doing wrong?
 From `man system-image-cli`:

   -b BUILD, --build BUILD
                         Override the current build number just this once
   -m MAXIMAGE, --maximage MAXIMAGE
                         After the winning upgrade path is selected, remove all
                         images with version numbers greater than the given
                         one. If no images remain in the winning path, the
                         device is considered up-to-date.
You want "--build 0 --maximage 121"

Didn't work for me. Seems not possible to roll back updates with the system-image-cli tool. As near as I can tell, this tool allows you to force an upgrade to a certain version that's greater than the current version. Connecting the device to my desktop and running this command however worked:

ubuntu-device-flash touch --channel=ubuntu-touch/rc-proposed/ubuntu --revision=121



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