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What's the plan for Ubuntu Phone in 2017?


Dear Ubuntu Developers & Supporters, first of all thank you for your work. Also Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year.

I do think this is the perfect time to talk about Ubuntu Phone (UP) and its next future.

Mark Suttleworth said in May UP is not in the main focus, and that his daily phone is not UP [0], but I don't interpreted it as far as Bryan Lunduke (Social Media Marketing Manager of SUSE) does, when talking about his 2016 predictions [1]:

"(Prediction for 2016) Canonical will pull away from phones.

Canonical/Ubuntu pulling away from the phone market? This is a hard one to measure.

Wait. No, it’s not.

The last press release from Canonical that was phone-related was back in April. And the main press page for Canonical doesn’t list a single thing about phones. The last several announcements from Canonical have been very enterprise-centric. Even in the lead up to the holiday shopping season, not a peep about phones.

Nailed it. Canonical pulled away from phones during 2016 in order to focus on enterprise functionality."

Personally, I simply do think is just a question of time, and I have great faith in the UP project.

So Dear Devs, what's the plan for 2017? How can we help to speed up Ubuntu Phone development? What can we do to get UP to play in the "First Division"?



[0] http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2016/05/mark-shuttle-worth-talks-ubuntu-phone-snappy

[1] http://www.networkworld.com/article/3145664/linux/2016-linux-predictions-which-ones-came-true.html

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