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Re: With OTA-15 it continues the reset


On 16/02/17 16:34, Pat McGowan wrote:
> I would suggest entering a bug for this in launchpad so we can
> collect more information from those who are affected. Its not
> generally reproducible, and as OTA15 updated just the browser app
> and oxide, not sure how it is linked. It would be interesting to
> know which apps are in use, especially if the browser with a lot of
> tabs or webapps are open. Although note that even though a number of
> apps are "open"  the system does suspend the apps in the background
> and return the memory. 

I found 2 oldish bug reports:

No apps are/were running when I did the test.

> As a last resort you could use ubuntu-device-flash to reflash the
> phone, and try it without wiping data. 

Ok, will try this.