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Re: Not quite goodbye, but I'm leaving


I don't think you're alone. I'm thinking about doing the same. I agree the 
phone has become very unreliable. Constant Unity/Scopes crashing as well as 
regular OS restarts have made the phone a nightmare to use. The new power 
manager has also brought back the sudden and inexplicable power drains. 

Just yesterday my phone was at 90%. When I checked again an hour later, it 
was off. No warnings, it just totally drained the battery and turned off, 
despite being almost fully charged. It's a shame that we can't go back to 
the old power manager (pre OTA 12?) as at least that was more stable. 

How is the phone with Android? How does it compare in regards to speed, 
responsiveness and battery? Very tempted myself but afraid that once I've 
put Android on, I can never go back and it may not be any better. 

On Tuesday, 21 February 2017 12:33:21 GMT, wrote:
> Yes it's true, I've gone over to the dark side! Today I reflashed my 
> E4.5 with android. In recent months it has become literally unusable. 

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