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Not quite goodbye, but I'm leaving


Yes it's true, I've gone over to the dark side! Today I reflashed my E4.5 with android. In recent months it has become literally unusable. I am unable to put the phone down, I am unable to push buttons whilst in a call and I have run totally out of space even though I am not really using any!

This morning my alarms did not go off and my bluetooth headset would not pair, caused it seems by the lack of space. My phone also refuses to reflash with UT.

So due to a combination of lack of discussion of these issues here, confirmation support for these devices will end and the fact my device won't run the next gen ubuntu I have decided now is the time to jump ship, at least until I can afford a new phone.

I still remain committed to the system but it is clear my device is has now run its course.

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