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Re: Ubuntu at MWC in Barcelona


Don't get me wrong, overall this is the best phone that I have ever owned I just wish it was reliable. However it didn't gain the traction that it was intended to and that Canonical wanted. That is at least partly to do with the countless bugs and bad reviews. The phone (the E4.5 at least) is beset with unsolved/unsolvable problems that make it almost useless as a phone. The silent texts and calls for one are an annoyance but the power problems are a massive annoyance. The power percentage is meaningless as it will frequently nose dive without warning or reason. Moreover it will continue to count down to 0% - even when plugged in! If you miss it, and it turns off before you can reach a charger you get another two annoying bugs - radio lock (no wireless and no mobile) and all internal memory used up which you then have to spend time almost every day trying to resolve.

I would be typing this on my phone, but I just had the nosedive and turned my phone off. Now, despite it stating the battery is at 34%, it won't turn back on, even when plugged in, until it reaches 100% (I just checked my phone and it now actually says 33%! That's right, even when off, plugged in and charging, the percentage sometimes goes down!)

Why am I mentioning this? Because this is an officially supported phone, the first one. This is literally as good as it got. These phones were not a success, they were afflicted by all sorts of problems. This is why I doubt there will be any more official ones, and even if there are, why (despite liking the phones) I won't be buying another and I am sure that I am not alone.

It is also why I fear for the future if they go down the community phones route. If this is how bad the official phones run, what chance have community phones? How well does Ubuntu even run on the Fairphone 2?

I remember 10+ years ago running Dapper Drake on my laptop, unfortunately sound never worked at all but I put up with it because it was better than using Windows in so many ways. I wouldn't put up with it now. And I fear that is the only way we're going to be able to use Ubuntu Phones in the future. With lots of compromises and bugs.


On 28/02/17 16:52, Matthias Apitz wrote:
On Tuesday, 28 February 2017 17:37:03 CET, Paul Tait <paultait22@xxxxxxxxxxx><mailto:paultait22@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
But there is a world of difference between having a system that is capable of running on multiple devices and platforms such IoT, phones, servers, desktops and tablets and partnering with a manufacturer and ensuring that it runs and performs well on that specific device.

Fully ACK.

That didn't work out so well with BQ



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