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Re: Ubuntu at MWC in Barcelona


Hi Marcin,

Is the device still supported by Android by the way? When I was interested in flashing the device (just in case - still happy with it now) - I learned that latest Android that can be installed on E4.5 is v5.

If that's the case, I think we might still get better support even with no further new-functionality OTAs with Ubuntu ;)


Marcin Waśko

On 03/05/2017 12:38 PM, Marcin Xc wrote:
I can live with bugs for some time but I can't live without hope that these bugs will be fixed. As You can read in a bug report 1612367, many people find their devices useless and unreliable. If Canonical was an honest player, they would give us at least once a week an information about what's going on: either "people your devices are no longer suported, flash them with Android. We made a mistake E4.5 can't handle our system" or "people hang on, it is gonna last a few months but the critical bugs will be fixed. Canonical, is this such a hard task?

Ps. 1612367 is not a hardware problem.

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I think that it may be more a case of you've been extremely lucky, or I have been extremely unlucky. Although many others have had the same issues:
Silent Incoming Calls:
Battery Inexplicably Drains:
Which, incidentally was filed by you Matthias in May 2015. Despite two years passing and a new power manager, the problem still persists, at least for me. Did you find a solution to it then?

On 03/03/17 17:04, Matthias Apitz wrote:
We.must have.either completely different use cases, or different phones.

matthias, writing from an E4.5

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