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Re: Where would time be best spent on this project?


I'm 100% with you.

I'm 100% ubuntu.

I cannot bear the thought of going back.  The alternative is... well.
There isn't one.

Currently I'm using my Nexus 4 but I broke my screen (again) and it's
time to upgrade.

But to what?

I am tempted to simply use some no-app version of android until I can
use a supported version of ubuntu again.

But I feel like I would be cheating on someone behind their back. It
seems wrong that when ubuntu phone was just doing so incredibly awesome
(to the point where I had nearly converted my family and friends over)
that now i'm entertaining the unthinkable and trying to sheepishly avoid
showing the same family and friends the phone because of BugFest 2017.

Truly this is the worst position I've been in since I've met ubuntu and
I'd love to make the best possible decision for the team here as well.

A unified voice with a plan would be good if we could create such a thing.

I'll give the best I can with the time and skills (limited) that I have.


On 2017-03-21 01:16 PM, Joseph Liau wrote:
> Hello Community,
> There are a lot of bugs popping up lately, and I wonder how much of the
> "click" code will overlap with the "snap" code. Does this mean that
> fixing bugs in the current version will eventually be a waste of time if
> the snap version is almost a complete rewrite?
>>From what I hear, many of the current Ubuntu devices will not be able to
> handle the snap version. There also seem to be a few device holders who
> seem to be switching over to android (some not by choice).
> So, if the click version of Ubuntu is being phased out, and there is a
> considerable amount of time before there is a new device and new snap
> version of Ubuntu, then is there something worth doing in the meantime
> that would help to bridge the gap?
> Where I feel that the Ubuntu experience is on devices currently:
> - Excellent UI & task management
> - Community involvement
> - A talking point with some people (p.s. so far not a single person has
> ever asking me about why my phone software looks different)
> - Does not require an account with a questionable 3rd party company in
> order to use it well
> - Still relies on some android bits, and proprietary binary blobs
> - Convergence on some devices
> - Uncertain development on current bugs and software
> There are a lot of benefits and features for using Ubuntu on a device,
> but if development is gearing down on current devices, then it makes it
> difficult to participate in the project and promote it until things are
> going full steam. I have no new bugs to report on my Nexus 4 because the
> code does not update, and I cannot explain to people why it is better,
> when some functions are lagging behind.
> Now comes a crazy thought, stemming originally from a friend's idea. It
> is difficult to articulate, so I hope a civil discussion can form around it.
> What if for the interim, an Ubuntu skin/UI was made to run directly on
> top of android? This is not the end goal. What it does give you, is a
> few more functions while maintaining the talking point and awesome UI.
> Other android users could then also get accustomed to the look of Ubuntu.
> -Skip dual booting (seen previously)
> -Forget trying to run android apps on Ubuntu (seen previously)
> It's a bit like putting lipstick on a pig, but it's also like having a
> crutch rather than trying to hobble around on a broken leg.
> The real goal is to be 100% separate from android, but it sounds like
> even the current Ubuntu is built on top of some parts of android. So
> this half-way point would not be a total compromise. I am impressed and
> thankful for all the work that was done so far, but I am sad to see the
> disappointment coming out in the mailing list occasionally.
> Does it make any sense time-wise,  and are there the resources to create
> this half-way point?
> Is the click version actually a losing position, or is it still valuable
> to maintain?
> Joe

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