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Re: Data only in 3G


El día sábado, marzo 25, 2017 a las 02:25:01p. m. +0000, Cesar Herrera escribió:

> Supose I'm using data and navigating (specially with Telegram). If someone 
> tries to call to me he's said that this number is not accessible. I asked 
> the company (Lowi) and they said that it was posible and that the SIM has 
> to be located in hole 1. Not in 2G. Only in 3G or 4G. They said I had test 
> other phone and if it fails they would resolve it. As the setup of our 
> phone offers 2G/3G in the same place i thought it could be a problem. 
> Perhaps there is a file in ofono or something else were I could manually 
> specify only 3G.

Are you talking about the Telegram app or something else, browser based?
What exactly is 'navigating with Telegram'?

Have you done some own tests, i.e.:
- open the Tg app
- write some stuff to someone 
- and while writing, do a call from the landline phone on your desk or
  from some other mobile to your BQ
Have you test this? What was the result?

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