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Re: Setting up a developer environment


On 03/04/17 06:58, amon wrote:
>> I need to put a full GNUStep developer environment on it. What
>> is the current best way to do this, ie get into a dselect or
>> an apt-get to pull in clang, libgnustep and friends, debian
>> package scripts, etc. In other words, a normal debian developer
>> environment.
>> Is there a HowTo out there for this?
> No replies so far. What is the current best practice? Can I
> just get into a Terminal, su root and install gcc, clang,
> libgnu* and the rest? 

I've not replied as this is not something I've looked into recently (see
/3/ below). But...

/0/ Assuming you're basing this on the released, "click" based system

/1/ If you start updating the image by installing s/w into you'll be "on
your own" as the "click" installation and update mechanism isn't
designed to support this.

/2/ When I last looked I wrote these notes:

/3/ I think the current kernel now supports LDX containers. If this is
true, it is probably a better approach than the chroot used in /2/.


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