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This is liberating if we allow it to be. We're no longer forced to be Snap
only while tethered to Unity8. We finally have control over the future of
this project. The developer team needs to speak to the community on this.

   - Who is willing to stick around?
   - How difficult would a switch to GNOME be and how long would it take?
   - What current phones on the market could the community target based
   upon their openness and compatible hardware/drivers?

We do not NEED Canonical or phone manufacturers. We truly thank them for
getting us here. All the effort by the Ubuntu Phone team has been amazing
and is greatly appreciated.

We all backed this phone project financially and with hours of our lives.
Hours that we spent debugging, coding, helping someone else. Hours that we
could have spent with friends and family or on other projects.

We chose to work on this phone because we believe in the ideal of freedom
and choice. For us, the other two mobile OS's are not options. They
represent tyranny and forced conformity.

I stand here committed to these ideals and the work that has been done. I
am prepared to further invest my money and time into giving freedom and
choice to those who want it.

*"they asked him what was the object of all this study applied to an art
that would reach but very few. He replied: 'I am content with few, content
with one, content with none at all.' ...Lay these words to heart, Lucilius,
that you may scorn the pleasure which comes from the applause of the

*Lucius Annaeus Seneca, Letter VII*

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