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Re: Thank you


Thanks for your effort. Competing with mobile OS's was a mountain to climb, and I actually thought you got pretty close to the peak!

If there's negative comments on this list, it's due to how far the project came against the odds, and frustration at being so close. And that people barely had time to take in the decision.

This has been one of the most brilliant communities anywhere. I hope it continues in some sense, because the potential is still world changing.

Thanks for keeping the list open, and all the best!

I do fully understand the negative comments. Communication was very mismanaged in the latter stages. I do wonder if that is because Mark and other higher ranking officials were agonising over the choice they had to make.

It is easy to allow yourself to feel betrayed but take a step back and use your head, not your heart. As was already mentioned a lot of cash has gone into getting us this far and that is something to be eternally grateful for. I for one have a few desktop apps out now which I owe to UT, they are spin offs of another dev's phone app. So if it were not for UT I would not have gotten my head round packaging and publishing on Ubuntu.

Most importantly I hate my phone, I hate every Android infested moment since Ubuntu stopped working on it. I have had the tinyest taste of perfection and how am I supposed to make do with anything else? I loved my Ubuntu phone and I can't have any ill feeling toward any of the people who gave me that experience. Here's to the next chapter in our journey!

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