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Re: Thank you


I'm a bit late, but I would like to thank every one as well.

This project really was extraordinary and offered something unique, something you could not find anywhere else. I started using Ubuntu in 2010 (with Unity) and since then, I always felt that it was innovative and had a very precise view of what personal computing should be, or where it was going. It felt like a dream sometimes (Utopic Unicorn), but in the good sense of the term. You did deliver a great Touch platform and I know it will be very hard for me to find an alternative just as good.

I would like to thank the Design team, because the UX and UI are just gorgeous, easy and fun to use.

Thanks to everyone in the community, it was great being a part of that and talking with people from all over the world, almost getting to "know" some of you in the process (even though you don't know me!).

And thanks to BQ for allowing Ubuntu to be shipped to enthusiasts like myself.

Thanks Canonical, thanks Ubuntu community, and best of luck in all you future endeavours!

Have fun!

Guillaume, just an enthusiast

Le 10/04/2017 à 20:21, Pat McGowan a écrit :
Dear contributors and enthusiasts

On behalf of the entire team that worked on Ubuntu Touch, Unity8, Mir, the apps, the services, the hw enablement, the QA, the releases, the CI infrastructure... thanks for your commitment, patience and the many kind words for the developers and the products.

Working on this great software was a very rewarding experience made more so by your involvement.
I share the hope that it lives on.

So long for now

PS As far as I know this list will remain open.

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