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Re: [OTA15] [MX4] Gallery-app updated?


You're not alone. I had the same update 3 or 4 days ago and thought the same as you did. I have no idea why it was updated.


On 24/04/17 18:14, Wilfridd wrote:
Hi everyone,

I've been suprised to get an "update" of the Gallery-app today. Knowing that Canonical has stopped dev on Ubuntu phone... did someone else experienced the same  or might give an explanation ?
Version number installed today :
Last updated : 27 oct 2016
I check for updates regularly, so I should have obtained  this update long time before?



Ps: That has been said tons of times, but I can't help shouting out a huge T H A N K S to everybody that made this journey with Ubuntu Phone possible and hope it will go on with new initiatives...

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