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Design wireframes and storyboards


Hi all,

following on from various IRC chats I have been doing a bit of tinkering with Pencil http://pencil.evolus.vn/ a GPL licensed wireframing tool for prototyping designs. I adapted an export template to generate a nice branded output, you can grab this here:
and install it from the pencil tools menu.
I also made a base pencil file here
which contains a frame of a TV at 1920x1080 proportions scaled down to 480x270 screen size and on screen is a still from Big Buck Bunny you can copy this onto new pages and use the templates to slap your own designs on top for Unity on the Telly

I am not really a UX designer or anything, but I flung together a bit of a storyboard, more to demo the wireframing template and storyboard output than anything else really.

The pencil file that produced that output is here:

so there you go, a framework for designing what unity as a media centre/TV interface might look like. Have a play and it would be great to see your designs. Give me a shout if you want any help setting up pencil and the export stuff, or if you need a design hosted (just email me the .ep file and I will stick it up somewhere)

comments and bug reports on the export template would be great.


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