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Re: Retrieving a show that was missed/accidentally deleted/faulty


I absolutely agree, I hope that this feature would help to blur the distinction between broadcasts and streams. However, this offers a practical solution that could be instantly implemented. Furthermore, even when streaming media becomes dominant a user may still wish to keep their own library of particular shows, since the streaming companies cannot be expected to keep every instance of every programme they have ever purchased on their servers. To this end a feature which automatically saved certain programmes when they become available (from any source) would be very useful.


On 10/01/12 17:04, Ian Santopietro wrote:
This is definitely a great idea, but I think the industry needs to shift to streaming-based content distribution in general. A move like that would eliminate the entire problem in the first place.

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On Mon 09 Jan 2012 06:46:12 PM MST, Matt Richardson wrote:
Forgot to mention that, as the subject suggests, this should also be offered for shows for which signal failure was detected during the show. Also, whilst delete shows should be kept in the trash for a day, and recoverable from there, information about the deleted shows should be kept for one month, again allowing the user to try to recover the show from online or other sources automatically.

On 10/01/12 01:25, Matt Richardson wrote:
When setting a show to record, Ubuntu should identify whether more than 5 minutes of the programme has been already broadcast. If this is the case it should start recording immediately, but also offer the user the option to have Ubuntu automatically replace the incomplete recording with a full one should it become available online, or be repeated later. This offer should take the form of a dialog box when recording from the guide or a small, semi-transparent (see my rating idea) bar at the bottom of the screen with a simple question and 'Yes' or 'No' answer (to that end, the remote should have Yes and No buttons, since they are commonly useful on a smart TV)


P.S. For both this and the rating idea the bar should be almost identical in size and appearance to the current lens selector bar when viewing the dash maximised.