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Re: Ubuntu TV - Wishlist


On 01/11/2012 12:55 PM, Marco Kirchberger wrote:
first of all I think Ubuntu TV really have a change on the market and
could get a strong fanbase.
But at the moment I don't see a big difference to other media center
solutions like XBMC.
I think Ubuntu TV need some features which are missing by other systems
or not available by default.

I have some ideas and I hope few of them can implement.

Files and Contacts
- Contacts - CardDAV - SyncML
- Calendar - CalDAV - SyncML
- Smart Mail Client - Read Mails, Answer and create new
- Social Networking - Facebook, Google+ and Twitter view like Gwibber
- Images - Shotwell Photos from Ubuntu Desktop (Shotwell DB)
- Creation of Slideshows - Like Windows Media Center
- Music - Banshee/Rhythmbox Desktop Files and DB
- Take information, configurations and passwords from Ubuntu Desktop
e.g. for Mail, Facebook, Twitter

- Parent Control and User Management
- Voice authentication
- Phone authentication - e.g. You start the UbuntuTV app and the TV will
automatically unlock
- Desktop Switch - If system is not embedded
- Microsoft Kinect

- Phone Stats - Call (Video pause) - SMS Received ..... -> Android
Notifier http://code.google.com/p/android-notifier/
- House Automation - FHEM http://fhem.de/fhem.html
- DLNA Server and Client
- Worldwide Remote Control (Phone App/Webinterface) - e.g. start records
- Google+ Hangout
- Samba
- Router access like ffgtk - incoming calls - start calls

- YouTube - Minitube features and Unity style
- ISO DVD and BD Support
- DTS passthrough
- Video Upscaling
- DVB Network Video and EPG Streaming for other UbuntuTV systems

Other Features
- Webbrowser - e.g. Fennec or opera mini
- Documentation for 3rd party applications

Great list. I have a question, which OEMs are going to put Ubuntu TV on their TV sets? I have Samsung Smart TV and I control it with my Android tablet. Can Ubuntu TV play content from my set-top box? Can it play 3D content?