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Re: Ubuntu TV - Wishlist


Yes and I agree that not all of them must be included by default.
But some basic points must be from beginning on better as by other media centers. In my opinion the focus should be connectivity and a perfect implementation if images, music and videos
For example... As a 0815 Ubuntu user I use Shotwell to organise my photos.
My imagination is now that I have all my photos with tags and events which I defined in Shotwell I also have in the structure on all other systems.
The same with Banshee and and e.g. my playlists
Nobody want to do the same work 10 times

For me Desktop, TV and Phone must interact perfectly.

Also a main point is a usable webbrowser... Until yet I don't saw by any mediacenter a lightweight and usable webbrowser.


Am 11.01.2012 13:48, schrieb LongkerDandy:
Wow, that's a huge list.
I also want to share some thought about Ubuntu TV architecture.
I think what make Ubuntu TV different to other media center system is:
Ubuntu TV can take the full power of the Ubuntu System and thousands of exist applications. So the challenge is how to design a flexible plug-in system, and how to migrate exist application to a 10 feet user interface. Ubuntu TV use (mod) unity as main user interface, I think is a good approach.
It's somehow similar to Metro Shell in Win8.
I suggest Ubuntu TV can provide a common UI library for developers to use.
To help construct a UI entry in unity shell, or a basic app UI identical to the main UI. But the plugin app should not have dependency on UTV library, not like other media system.
It would be better to support HTML5 for light plugin.
And a way to navigate web page sepcially designed for 10" TV user, like what GoogleTV did.
On Wed, Jan 11, 2012 at 7:55 PM, Marco Kirchberger <marco@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:marco@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>> wrote:

    first of all I think Ubuntu TV really have a change on the market
    and could get a strong fanbase.
    But at the moment I don't see a big difference to other media
    center solutions like XBMC.
    I think Ubuntu TV need some features which are missing by other
    systems or not available by default.

    I have some ideas and I hope few of them can implement.

    Files and Contacts
    - Contacts - CardDAV - SyncML
    - Calendar - CalDAV - SyncML
    - Smart Mail Client - Read Mails, Answer and create new
    - Social Networking - Facebook, Google+ and Twitter view like Gwibber
    - Images - Shotwell Photos from Ubuntu Desktop (Shotwell DB)
    - Creation of Slideshows - Like Windows Media Center
    - Music - Banshee/Rhythmbox Desktop Files and DB
    - Take information, configurations and passwords from Ubuntu
    Desktop e.g. for Mail, Facebook, Twitter

    - Parent Control and User Management
    - Voice authentication
    - Phone authentication - e.g. You start the UbuntuTV app and the
    TV will automatically unlock
    - Desktop Switch - If system is not embedded
    - Microsoft Kinect

    - Phone Stats - Call (Video pause) - SMS Received ..... -> Android
    Notifier http://code.google.com/p/android-notifier/
    - House Automation - FHEM http://fhem.de/fhem.html
    - DLNA Server and Client
    - Worldwide Remote Control (Phone App/Webinterface) - e.g. start
    - Google+ Hangout
    - Samba
    - Router access like ffgtk - incoming calls - start calls

    - YouTube - Minitube features and Unity style
    - ISO DVD and BD Support
    - DTS passthrough
    - Video Upscaling
    - DVB Network Video and EPG Streaming for other UbuntuTV systems

    Other Features
    - Webbrowser - e.g. Fennec or opera mini
    - Documentation for 3rd party applications

    So that's all in the moment. :)


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