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Re: My Intro


Dnia 2012-05-19, sob o godzinie 21:27 -0400, Joseph Mills pisze:
> Hello there team,


> 	I hope that you are all doing very well. I am Joseph and I am Perl
> python bash csh. Bash is my strongest suite followed by Perl then python
> but am learning python right now and am learning fast(can't believe how
> fast,easy & power-full it is.) . I am also OK at packaging. I know how
> to use autotools and also how to make my own makefiles and know make
> kinda well after a couple of crash course with making debian packages
> from scratch. I have read all the docs (I think) that there are on unity
> and making scopes and lens and daemons but am still trying to grasp it
> all. So know that my intro is over on to the questions :)
> What are the current plans of making a iso for all arches ? And what are
> the steps that have been implanted ? Are you all starting from a
> ubuntu-core ect.

At the moment, there are no such plans. The current UbuntuTV code is
demo / proof of concept. It's only meant to work on 11.10 as of this
point, and we're working hard to develop upon that.

> What is idea's about integration of network manager ? Would this be done
> in the ubuntu-tv package or in the unity-lens-video package ?

Probably in a separate one, even, but yes NM integration is a must.

> What are the idea's about integrating a empty package (like myself
> package) but for ubuntu-TV that call in the control file calls the lens
> to install?

You mean a meta-package? As I wrote before, it's not meant to run on
post-11.10, nor is it in the state to be packaged in the Ubuntu

> Are there any idea's or art work for plymouth or for lightdm ?

Lightdm will likely not be used, there will only be one username on
UbuntuTV, but a theme for plymouth - sure, we'll need it at some point.

> Are there any ideas on the table about making a easy too use metadata
> tool. Like for managing fanart if xbmc don't pick it up?

Not yet.

> Would xbmc come on the live ISO? Are there plans to hack that into a
> default image of ubuntu TV ?

No, XBMC won't be required for UbuntuTV.

> Are there any blueprints anywhere?

Not that I know of.

> When are the team meetings?

I don't know of any.

> What is the s-team  and santon ?

Just made-up temporary names.

> Is there anyone on the team that I could talk to live via phone that has
> a good idea of the over all structure of Ubuntu tv ? And where it is
> going in the future.

That would probably be me, I'm Saviq on IRC, find me and we'll think of

> Thanks for taking the time to read this over and I look forward to
> adding code and time to this project.

I would hold back a bit, we're in the process of rearchitecting some of
this stuff, in part due to Unity-2D (on which the current codebase is
based) being decommissioned.

I'll report back with any news,
Michał Sawicz <michal.sawicz@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Canonical Services Ltd.

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