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Hello there team,

	I hope that you are all doing very well. I am Joseph and I am Perl
python bash csh. Bash is my strongest suite followed by Perl then python
but am learning python right now and am learning fast(can't believe how
fast,easy & power-full it is.) . I am also OK at packaging. I know how
to use autotools and also how to make my own makefiles and know make
kinda well after a couple of crash course with making debian packages
from scratch. I have read all the docs (I think) that there are on unity
and making scopes and lens and daemons but am still trying to grasp it
all. So know that my intro is over on to the questions :)

What are the current plans of making a iso for all arches ? And what are
the steps that have been implanted ? Are you all starting from a
ubuntu-core ect.

What is idea's about integration of network manager ? Would this be done
in the ubuntu-tv package or in the unity-lens-video package ?

What are the idea's about integrating a empty package (like myself
package) but for ubuntu-TV that call in the control file calls the lens
to install?

Are there any idea's or art work for plymouth or for lightdm ?

Are there any ideas on the table about making a easy too use metadata
tool. Like for managing fanart if xbmc don't pick it up?

Would xbmc come on the live ISO? Are there plans to hack that into a
default image of ubuntu TV ?

Are there any blueprints anywhere?

When are the team meetings?

What is the s-team  and santon ?

Is there anyone on the team that I could talk to live via phone that has
a good idea of the over all structure of Ubuntu tv ? And where it is
going in the future.

Thanks for taking the time to read this over and I look forward to
adding code and time to this project.

Joseph Mills

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