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Re: Just a friendly reminder


Hi all again,

Nice to see that there is life on the mailing list.  I would like to
say thanks to all. For you kind words.
I would also like to point out that I am not looking to make any money
what so ever off of Ubuntu TV. That is the last thing that I would
like to do. I guess that I should have been a lot more clear about
that in my last email. For That I am sorry. It is more about the
Understanding that this is hard (for me) because there are not many
people doing this and you have to work to eat.  The time that It takes
me to work is time away form deving up Ubuntu TV, and I guess that it
is what it is about time, in the end.  I know that the trolls and
creepy things out on the net in full force. And gezz I can understand
how all the unity people felt after releasing it.  The Code is fun and
I like to do it I like to talk about it with people and would like to
get something out there as fast as possible. I also know that moving
the code from pure qt/qml too c/c++/vala is not a easy thing . I am
learning a bunch, so that is fun. But Time is time and we are going to
need a little bit of it. If this thing is going to work.  I guess that
I was frustrated this morning. Life is really not all that bad for me.
but I just wanted to point out some of he things that are holding this
project back from my end that is all. Again you all are awesome and
thank's for the kind words

Joseph Mills

On Sat, Nov 24, 2012 at 3:58 PM, Tim Sheehan <tim@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Joseph,
> Just remember that what you are doing, is actually obtaining "a name"
> for yourself in the land of the free - things will change for you, of
> that I'm sure and it will be for the better.
> Jealousy is a horrible green eyed monster which some people can't
> help. If they can't do it, they will try and stop others from doing
> it. Success usually comes at a price which we can pay, no matter what
> hurdles are thrown in your way. Think of these comments as a 'glitch'
> in the code, work around or through them and then they can be
> forgotten, relegated to the annuls of obscurity. These comments are
> only made by bullies with an inferiority complex who want to bring
> everything down to the lowest common denominator, them.
> You are above them, hold your head up high, rise above it and do what
> you enjoy doing and do it to the best of your ability. No-one can ever
> knock you for that.
> From where I stand, I see you as the lone coder out there, working
> your socks off, currently without reward but actually CREATING
> something. For that my friend, you must be admired, and one day, you
> will not have the time to work on Ubuntu-TV as you will be working on
> other exciting projects, perhaps for Canonical or perhaps someone
> else, or even have your own successful company, only the sand of time
> will tell, but you WILL get there!
> You know where I am and if I can help (as a non coder), just drop me a
> note, I'm there.
> Cheers
> Tim
> On 24 November 2012 18:49, Joseph Mills <josephjamesmills@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Hello Team,
>>         Many of you know who I am and that some times I can be trying
>> to say the least with communication.  The reason why I am writing to
>> this mailing list is because I received some hate mail and also a
>> great comment on one of my YouTube videos ("thanks for nothing"). I
>> was wondering if any of you have been involved in a project like this
>> and received hate mail ? How did you deal with it? I mean besides
>> marking it as spam ?
>>        Many of you know that I am putting in many many hours into the
>> Ubuntu TV project and I might not be the best person but hey at least
>> I am doing something. Not to mention that  , I do not get paid by
>> canonical or anyone for the work that I am doing, And that I can not
>> even afford basic things that are needed in order to develop this.
>> Example: keeping the lights on in my house or the internet running ,
>> Then there is the matter of food. I mean I am on welfare and still
>> just getting by. I do have a part time job and it is "On-call" only.
>> Meaning that if I get a call I work that day if not then no work. I
>> set up stages for bands also for Broadway shows and anything that is
>> in the "show biz" entertainment. But the calls are few and far between
>> (up-state New York only gets so much show biz). Of course this takes
>> away from the time that I am able to develop Ubuntu TV.  So I do not
>> think all of you know all that.  I just wanted to make it clear. That
>> I am not running a i7 and I do not have 8 gigs of ram and I can not
>> call make -j whatever  so this is going to take me some time. Maybe I
>> am in over my head ?  Maybe I feel as though my work is just not good
>> enough (as others do Hate-mail, you tube  comments ect ) . Maybe they
>> are just trolls and I am taking this to hard. But it is hard not to
>> when all you have is 3 pairs of pants and a couple of shirts and no
>> cash in your pocket and you are devoting your time to a project.
>> So I guess with my money situation and  the amount of time that I am
>> taking to *fix unity*(yeah that is right unity would not build and I
>> had to fix it (days)) and the hate mail that I keep on getting. I
>> guess that it is drawing on me. It could just be me being
>> over-sensitive. But at any rate I am starting to feel the effects of
>> it. Sorry for the rant. I just don't know what to do. Maybe the hate
>> mail is coming from company's that are in the TV business. Who knows,
>> What I do know is that I am sick of it and am about to snap. Like lets
>> take last night as a example. One of my father-in-laws invited us(me
>> and my girlfriend (his daughter)) to go out to eat last night I told
>> him that I could not afford it and he gave me 20 usd to come and hang
>> out. Well I was at the restaurant  I was asked many times about Ubuntu
>> and the TV project and if I had a card. I can not even afford business
>> cards sad just straight up sad. So if any of you all have any side
>> work or anything like that I could really really really use it. Or
>> have any idea's for me I am open eared.
>> thanks & with respect ,
>> Joseph Mills
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