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Our Next Meeting will be on Tuesday, December 1, 2015 from 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM CST



Despite being a little under the weather, I got everything set up for our
next meeting. It will be:

Tuesday, December 1, 2015 from 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM CST

For those people who enjoy Google Calendar and who want this on your
calendar, here is the event link, created by Mike Putnam:


This time, we are hosting the agenda on the LoCo portal, to make our lives
easier, although I will copy everything over to the wiki page 24 hours
before the meeting so we have a final agenda. Also include the amount of
time you think the agenda item will take, so I can estimate the time and
loosely time manage accordingly. So get your agenda items in here:


​NO LATER than ​Monday, November 30, 2015 at 7:00 PM CST. Exceptions can be
emailed to me, but there is no guarantee that it will be added after that
time(although I will check my email). This makes it easier for everybody to
prep with articles and opinions and such relating to the topics. If for
some reason you cannot add items to the agenda, email them to me and I will
put it on for you. If you have any questions, let me know. It is highly
recommended that once I put the agenda items onto the wiki page, that you
read them so you can formulate opinions/look up helpful articles. I will
send an email to this mailing list once they are transferred.

It is strongly recommended that you arrive 5-10 minutes early, so when it
gets to 7:00, we can start the meeting, as well as to make sure
microphones/headphones are working. Last time we started a little late
waiting for someone(although the meeting proceeded like usual), but this
time it would be awesome to get rolling right away. Here is the Hangout
link(note, the link has changed from last time and will probably change
again for next time, so DO NOT use the previous link):


If for some reason you can't/don't want to join the Hangout, do not fear!
We have an IRC channel on Freenode called #ubuntu-us-wi. If you don't know
what that IRC is/how to use it, the link below will bring you to a client
and we can help you get a more permanent solution from there. Just type in
a username(if you can't think of one, just your first initial and your last
name is fine, no spaces, for example mine would be squigley) and click
Start. My nick is tsimonq2, so ask for me(or anybody else), and we can
guide you from there. It is advised that you arrive early if you need help
with this.


It is strongly recommended that you use a lower third when you are in the
Hangout and are showing your face. This makes it so we can recognize who is
who. Please include your first and last name and your IRC nick. If you need
help setting this up, please do not say it out loud, ask for help in IRC
and someone will help you get that set up.

Last time we used the Hangouts Group Chat to talk to each other when
someone doesn't have a microphone/wants to talk when others are speaking.
This time, the use of the Hangouts Group Chat will NOT be used, the IRC
channel will, because then it is logged and we can use the bots to assist
conversation. Please do NOT use the Hangouts Group Chat! If you do, we will
all give you a friendly reminder not to! :)

If someone is rambling on and on and on, and you have an important point to
make, instead of cutting them off, please put something in the IRC channel.
This wasn't much of a problem last time, but now we have a procedure just
in case.

To help document and to fill in people that couldn't make it, I set it up
so the Hangout will be livestreamed on YouTube. This is also so that the
people that are not participating, but are on IRC(or outside observers such
as members of the LoCo council) can just watch. 5-10 minutes before the
meeting starts, I will commence the livestream and I will paste the link in
the IRC channel. So that means any joins, leaves, anything you say, will be
put on the livestream for other people to watch. Please do NOT participate
if you are UNDER 13 years of age, due to privacy laws in the United States.
Legal consequences will be taken if this happens, not only for me, the
publisher, but for you, the participant. If you just don't want your face
shown/voice heard, then use the mute/turn webcam off button in Hangouts,
and use IRC to communicate if you muted yourself. Obviously, make sure that
your microphone doesn't sound awful if that is what you choose to use.
Participating without approval for accommodation from the chair 24 hours
ahead of time(by Monday, November 30, 2015 at 7:00 PM CST) makes you
automatically agree to have your face and your voice (depending on what you
set in Hangouts) shown on the video/livestream. The video and livestream
are licensed under Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0).
Any interpretations of this statement are controlled by the chair of the
meeting. (all of this information is just a legal disclaimer, just in case)
Below is the link to the livestream/video:


If you have a friend or family member that doesn't know about Ubuntu, feel
free to invite them! As long as they live in Wisconsin(if they live in
other states, have them contact the Loco there, but if they are not
comfortable doing that, let me know and I will help them out), they are
invited! Just have them arrive early so we can brief them about what Ubuntu
is, and why they should use it. They can stick around for as long as they
want, as long as they follow the Ubuntu Code of Conduct. They also can't
get in the way of serious agenda items by being disrupting in any way,
although if something needs to be clarified, please ask. We want to make
this a friendly place for people all around Wisconsin to attend.

Also, ALL members are REQUIRED to follow the Ubuntu Code of Conduct AT ALL
TIMES when participating in ANY activity in which you represent this LoCo
or Ubuntu. This includes all meetings and events, whether we are verified
or not. Here is a link to the Ubuntu Code of Conduct v2:


Yes, I am aware that this meeting happens the same time as one of the LUG
meetings. To those people I say, it is on the agenda to get a better time.
Please watch the video on YouTube after the fact. If you have an important
point to make that wasn't covered, please email this mailing list and state
your point, and we will address it.

The same thing above applies to the people that couldn't make it for some

If you plan on speaking about something and you put it in the agenda, but
you cannot make it, please notify the chair at least 6 hours(by Tuesday,
December 1, 2015 at 1:00 PM CST) before the meeting starts, and what you
planned on talking about, because the chair will then take it over.

I will be the chair for this meeting. If for some odd reason I cannot
attend, Anthony Hook will be the chair. Please email him with everything
above where it says to contact me in that situation. Anthony, if this
happens to be the case, I will let you know at least 36 hours(by Monday,
November 30, 2015 at 7:00 AM CST) before the meeting. If Anthony and I both
cannot attend, Mike Putnam will be the chair(and if all three of us can't
attend, we must consider this a terrible time and we reschedule). If I
can't attend, I will watch the livestream and hopefully be in IRC.

Also, I encourage everyone to look at the LUG calendar and attend a local
event near you. When you go to a meeting relating Linux, it would be
awesome if you could send a quick email to this mailing list to tell us
details. After all, this LoCo is not the only way that you can interact
with fellow Linux users around the state, or even the country. Although
this is not required, it would be awesome to hear about your interaction
with other fellow Linux users. Also, if you accomplish something (a
position of some kind, a membership of some kind, etc.), you are also
encouraged to send an email to the mailing list(although we tend to try to
keep it to Linux or Ubuntu related accomplishments, others are certainly
welcome as we like to support each other). Those types of things are
awesome. :) So here is the link to the LUG calendar:


Although it is *encouraged* that you notify this list when you participate
in a LUG event, it is required that when you do something representing the
LoCo, that you send a quick blurb to this list. Reason being, we need to
organize regular reports, and this makes it a lot easier to keep track of
who did what. That being said, you do not need any approval to share Ubuntu
at an event of any kind. In fact, it is encouraged that you post it after
the event. And the blurbs need to give just enough information to know what
was done(although you can go as far out as you want), with some further
resources to help us know what happened. Videos/audio are suggested,
although not required. :)

This email will be sent around 2 weeks before the meeting. I originally was
going to use Boomerang for Gmail to send this EXACTLY two weeks before the
meeting, but I was impatient ;).

Either way, consider this your friendly reminder. :)

I put a lot of helpful information here, but since I am a little sick, I
really don't want to put it on the wiki right now, so if someone is
inclined, go ahead, otherwise I can do it when I am feeling better. You
would put it either on the main wiki page, or the Quick Start page, both
linked below:



If you have any questions/comments/concerns, please let me know at your
earliest convenience. As previously mentioned, I am tsimonq2 on Freenode,
or my email is sqawesome99 AT gmail DOT com. I hope to see you all there! :)

Have a nice day,
Simon Quigley