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Good evening,

As discussed in the last meeting, we are moving forward with he website
as a tool to evangelize Ubuntu in the state of Wisconsin. We are
looking at using a domain(http://ubuntu-wisconsin.org/) owned by
Anthony Hook. We would then actually *host* it on Github here: https://

We are currently waiting for the *slow* DNS propagation, so bear with
us while we wait. For now, just use ubuntuwisconsin.github.io. But, in
a few days, we should have http://ubuntu-wisconsin.org/ up and running.

We need two things from you.
 1. If you have the technical abilities, make the website better. Make
a pull request and it will be addressed within 24 hours.
  a. Functional OR aesthetic changes
 2. If you don't have the time/ability to directly contribute, you can
indirectly contribute by sending ideas to the mailing list, and we will
add them.

Within the next couple of hours, I will have a TODO.md on the Github
repo so we can keep track of work items, so if you feel inclined to
keep track of that, go ahead. You can also watch it on Github and get
notifications when it is changed. Also, don't send something to the ML
if it has already been said, so we don't waste time looking at
something that is already there. If there is a bug somewhere, then file
an issue on Github.

Have a nice day,
Simon Quigley
Contact for the Ubuntu US Wisconsin LoCo Team
Lubuntu Quality Assurance Tester