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Good afternoon,

As discussed in the meeting, I would like to give a chance for people
to have leadership within the LoCo. We are looking at a facilitative
oligarchy, but if nobody else would like to lead, then I would be the
facilitative leader. Here is what a facilitative leadership looks
like: https://www.grad.ubc.ca/current-students/graduate-pathways-success/facilitative-leadership

You know you have a chance of being on the oligarchy if you have time
to read that. :)

In order to apply, then please send something to the list saying who
you are, what you have done for the LoCo, past leadership positions,
and why you want be on this oligarchy. Something fairly minimal and
informal, but this is still an application, so cover all of that. The
time commitment would be between an hour and three hours a week, and
we are looking for two other positions. Please do this before Monday,
December 7, 2015. We will then vote on if the person that applied
should be on the oligarchy. If we get more then two applications, we
will vote on which two will be on the oligarchy.

If you get elected, then you will work with me and the other member to
carry out daily tasks, such as meeting agendas, facilitating tasks,
consulting the LoCo Council, and newsletter distribution. Again, the
time commitment is one to three hours a week, so if your schedule is
packed so much that you can't spare that, I highly suggest that you do
not apply. But remember, this is voluntary, so if you have a busy
week, you have a busy week.

Good luck to all! :)

Have a nice day,
Simon Quigley
Contact for the Ubuntu US Wisconsin LoCo Team
Lubuntu Contributor