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Good evening,

We have a website that we have been working on to help evangelise
Ubuntu around Wisconsin. At this point a lot of the content is there.
We are really lacking in the system requirements for the Flavors page(h
ttp://ubuntu-wisconsin.org/Flavors/), and once that is done, then we
can really move forward with getting this finished up and moved to

For some flavors, they have official system requirements. With others,
I estimated. Some are outdated, and some are not practical. That is
where I would like some help. If you use Ubuntu on a daily basis, and
you have been using it long enough to get a good gague on what hardware
it runs on, if you have the time, please take a look at those subpages.
If something is wrong, which it probably will be, please respond to
this email, and it will be fixed shortly after.

It is a good idea to watch it on GitHub, so you can track the changes.
Even if you don't know HTML/CSS, the commits are descriptive. Here is a
link: https://github.com/ubuntuwisconsin/ubuntuwisconsin.github.io

If you choose to help, thanks a lot! Either way, happy holidays! :)

Have a nice day,Simon Quigleytsimonq2Contact for the Ubuntu US Wisconsin LoCo TeamLubuntu Quality Assurance Tester

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