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Feedback needed! What are we doing for 16.04 release?


I would like to revisit this idea. Let's have a release party!

If you are open to this idea, I need feedback from you. First of all,
should we have one release party for the whole state, or different ones
scattered around the state? Also, where should we have it? Is anybody
willing to put a little bit of money in?

I know some people(like myself) have end-of-semester exams. I would
like to hear some feedback before or during our February
meeting(February 12 from 7 to 8 PM CST). I will open this topic up for
feedback earlier in the meeting, so if you don't reply with feedback
via email and you want to give input, please attend. After we get good
feedback, we can start planning.

Have a nice day,Simon Quigleytsimonq2Contact for the Ubuntu US Wisconsin LoCo TeamLubuntu Quality Assurance Tester

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