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Re: Feedback needed! What are we doing for 16.04 release?


On Mon, 2016-01-18 at 20:00 -0600, Simon Quigley wrote:
> I would like to revisit this idea. Let's have a release party!

Xenial is scheduled for release on Thursday, April 21.

I have proposed an Upgrade-fest to the Milwaukee LUG, added to their
May and June meetings. Lots of old 12.04 machines out there that should
get upgraded.

I think we should do a LoCo presentation on the expected anti
-Canonical, anti-Ubuntu FUD that will show up around LTS release time,
and what you should (and shouldn't!) do about it.

For an in-person LoCo 16.04 Release Party, I suggest bowling...it is
Wisconsin. With balloons, funny name tags, icebreaker game, and
families/dates encouraged. Bowling alleys have pizza (and beer). Needs
WiFi for an installfest, of course.
With lots of photos (thanks, spouse) for the blog and LoCo report.

Easy for me to say all that, I'm likely to be working that weekend.

Historically, seems like the best release parties (Paris, Vancouver)
seem to be great parties with Ubuntu tossed in as rather an
afterthought theme, a pretext.


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