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Combatting Inactivity and Lack of Energy


Recently I have noticed a LARGE lack of inactivity and I wanted to address some issues and make some
decisions to combat this before it goes further. I would also like to provide a bit of clarification
points and transparency to ensure that the members of this team feel included and have the ability
to help within the team.

First of all, I would like to start with our meetings. As it stands now, we have monthly meetings
and informal IRC meetings. Here's what I'm deciding to change, to make these more active:

 * I'm axing the weekly IRC meetings. They never really took off and I feel that it is almost
misleading at this point.

 * I'm changing the monthly meetings to bimonthly meetings. We will have a meeting every two (2)
months. For now these will stay at an hour apiece, but in the future this might change. Let's see
how this goes.

 * For the February meeting, I had a last minute scheduling conflict and I couldn't make it. As I am
a minor, sometime this is to be expected, but the meeting didn't go on at all. To combat this, we
will have a Doodle poll for every meeting, so we can pick out the best time for everyone. This will
make sure almost everyone can make it.

The Doodle poll will be sent out about 1 month before the Sunday of the proposed week. 2 weeks
before the most popular date/time, I will finalize the date/time and I will create an agenda on the
LoCo portal. Feel free to contribute agenda items if you can make it to the meeting. 48 hours before
the meeting starts, I'll transfer the agenda to a wiki page and finalize everything for the meeting.
I will then send something to this mailing list with the agenda and a YouTube link to watch the
Hangout live on YouTube. 30 minutes to an hour before, the meeting chair(usually me) will get the
Hangout link pasted into #ubuntu-us-wi on IRC and as an email to this list. The meeting will happen,
and within the next week I will have meeting notes sent to this list.

Next I would like to address membership of this team and what that means. Here is the criteria, with
old and new criteria:
 * You are subscribed to this mailing list
 * You are a member of this team on Launchpad
 * You have shown activity within the team of some kind within 6 months of renewal/joining. It
doesn't matter if it's a simple "+1" to an email or planning elaborate events, you need to show that
you are not just going to lurk. You just need to show SOME activity of some kind.
 * If you run Ubuntu, you need to have signed the Ubuntu Code of Conduct. If you are in the team to
observe and learn more about it(we have a few members who do that) and still run Windows, etc. then
this isn't needed.
 * You need to have some interest in Ubuntu. You can't be here to just hate.

To enforce this better, I am going to do a couple things:
 * Everybody who isn't subscribed to this mailing list is going to be notified and their membership
might be deactivated if they don't comply and subscribe
 * I will set everybody's membership to expire on August 18, 2016. I'll see if I can play around
with membership terms being 6 months. This will happen within the next 24 hours.
 * I will also play around with if you have to renew yourself or if I can press the button for you.
If it is the former, please only renew your membership if you meet the guidelines. If you violate
this rule, your membership will be terminated. Seriously, all you need is a +1 on an email,
including this one. If you don't have time for that, you don't have time to be on this team.

I'll also be making a couple resource changes as well:
 * The subreddit is no longer a supported resource. I have learned that some people don't use Reddit
for a couple moral reasons and I need to respect that.
 * I'll file an RT to get our Ubuntu Forums team up and running again. More information to come.
 * We will have weekly blog posts on our blog. Read below for more information on that.
 * ubuntu-wisconsin.org will no longer have documentation about Ubuntu and it's flavors. It will
just be too hard to maintain and the energy could be spent on other documentation not associated
with our team. This will make it way easier to call the ubuntu-wisconsin.org site a finished
 * The wiki page will receive a revamping soon, more information to come

If I forgot something about a resource change, which I probably did, I'll send something to this

I will post weekly blog posts on ubuntu-wisconsin.org/blog that will serve as my communication
method and transparency method to the Ubuntu community at large. The weekly blog posts will tour
some of our resources and serve as an announcement area for the community. Although I will be the
main person posting, as I am the "contact," if you have something that you want on the blog, send me
a title and some content and I will work with you to get your post on the blog.

I'm in touch with the LoCo Council about our resources because a few are unorthodox, such as our
mailing list, and in order to be approved, they need proper proof that we have resources. I plan to
carbon-copy this list about that. Before I send an email to the council, I want to have a discussion
about the pros and cons of each of our resources. Information to come.

One last thing I wanted to cover is our Xenial Xerus release party. I'll pick a tentative place,
time, and budget within the next month, and I'll send something to the list when I have information.

Also, if you have even the slightest question/comment/concern/suggestion about anything I proposed
here, please respond to this email or let me know at my email address below. After all, this team
isn't about me or any other member specifically. It's about all of us working together as a team.
Your input counts. Even if it's just a general +1.

Thank you for reading,
Simon Quigley
tsimonq2 on IRC

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