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Re: Combatting Inactivity and Lack of Energy


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I really wish that I could participate more, but I'm dealing with some
difficult things at school and haven't had much opportunity to
contribute. I'll definitely be contributing more over the summer.
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On Thu, Feb 18, 2016 at 7:10 PM, Simon Quigley <tsimonq2@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Recently I have noticed a LARGE lack of inactivity and I wanted to address
> some issues and make some
> decisions to combat this before it goes further. I would also like to
> provide a bit of clarification
> points and transparency to ensure that the members of this team feel
> included and have the ability
> to help within the team.
> First of all, I would like to start with our meetings. As it stands now,
> we have monthly meetings
> and informal IRC meetings. Here's what I'm deciding to change, to make
> these more active:
>  * I'm axing the weekly IRC meetings. They never really took off and I
> feel that it is almost
> misleading at this point.
>  * I'm changing the monthly meetings to bimonthly meetings. We will have a
> meeting every two (2)
> months. For now these will stay at an hour apiece, but in the future this
> might change. Let's see
> how this goes.
>  * For the February meeting, I had a last minute scheduling conflict and I
> couldn't make it. As I am
> a minor, sometime this is to be expected, but the meeting didn't go on at
> all. To combat this, we
> will have a Doodle poll for every meeting, so we can pick out the best
> time for everyone. This will
> make sure almost everyone can make it.
> The Doodle poll will be sent out about 1 month before the Sunday of the
> proposed week. 2 weeks
> before the most popular date/time, I will finalize the date/time and I
> will create an agenda on the
> LoCo portal. Feel free to contribute agenda items if you can make it to
> the meeting. 48 hours before
> the meeting starts, I'll transfer the agenda to a wiki page and finalize
> everything for the meeting.
> I will then send something to this mailing list with the agenda and a
> YouTube link to watch the
> Hangout live on YouTube. 30 minutes to an hour before, the meeting
> chair(usually me) will get the
> Hangout link pasted into #ubuntu-us-wi on IRC and as an email to this
> list. The meeting will happen,
> and within the next week I will have meeting notes sent to this list.
> Next I would like to address membership of this team and what that means.
> Here is the criteria, with
> old and new criteria:
>  * You are subscribed to this mailing list
>  * You are a member of this team on Launchpad
>  * You have shown activity within the team of some kind within 6 months of
> renewal/joining. It
> doesn't matter if it's a simple "+1" to an email or planning elaborate
> events, you need to show that
> you are not just going to lurk. You just need to show SOME activity of
> some kind.
>  * If you run Ubuntu, you need to have signed the Ubuntu Code of Conduct.
> If you are in the team to
> observe and learn more about it(we have a few members who do that) and
> still run Windows, etc. then
> this isn't needed.
>  * You need to have some interest in Ubuntu. You can't be here to just
> hate.
> To enforce this better, I am going to do a couple things:
>  * Everybody who isn't subscribed to this mailing list is going to be
> notified and their membership
> might be deactivated if they don't comply and subscribe
>  * I will set everybody's membership to expire on August 18, 2016. I'll
> see if I can play around
> with membership terms being 6 months. This will happen within the next 24
> hours.
>  * I will also play around with if you have to renew yourself or if I can
> press the button for you.
> If it is the former, please only renew your membership if you meet the
> guidelines. If you violate
> this rule, your membership will be terminated. Seriously, all you need is
> a +1 on an email,
> including this one. If you don't have time for that, you don't have time
> to be on this team.
> I'll also be making a couple resource changes as well:
>  * The subreddit is no longer a supported resource. I have learned that
> some people don't use Reddit
> for a couple moral reasons and I need to respect that.
>  * I'll file an RT to get our Ubuntu Forums team up and running again.
> More information to come.
>  * We will have weekly blog posts on our blog. Read below for more
> information on that.
>  * ubuntu-wisconsin.org will no longer have documentation about Ubuntu
> and it's flavors. It will
> just be too hard to maintain and the energy could be spent on other
> documentation not associated
> with our team. This will make it way easier to call the
> ubuntu-wisconsin.org site a finished
> product.
>  * The wiki page will receive a revamping soon, more information to come
> If I forgot something about a resource change, which I probably did, I'll
> send something to this
> list.
> I will post weekly blog posts on ubuntu-wisconsin.org/blog that will
> serve as my communication
> method and transparency method to the Ubuntu community at large. The
> weekly blog posts will tour
> some of our resources and serve as an announcement area for the community.
> Although I will be the
> main person posting, as I am the "contact," if you have something that you
> want on the blog, send me
> a title and some content and I will work with you to get your post on the
> blog.
> I'm in touch with the LoCo Council about our resources because a few are
> unorthodox, such as our
> mailing list, and in order to be approved, they need proper proof that we
> have resources. I plan to
> carbon-copy this list about that. Before I send an email to the council, I
> want to have a discussion
> about the pros and cons of each of our resources. Information to come.
> One last thing I wanted to cover is our Xenial Xerus release party. I'll
> pick a tentative place,
> time, and budget within the next month, and I'll send something to the
> list when I have information.
> Also, if you have even the slightest question/comment/concern/suggestion
> about anything I proposed
> here, please respond to this email or let me know at my email address
> below. After all, this team
> isn't about me or any other member specifically. It's about all of us
> working together as a team.
> Your input counts. Even if it's just a general +1.
> Thank you for reading,
> Simon Quigley
> tsimonq2@xxxxxxxxxx
> tsimonq2 on IRC
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