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I don't think I can do the Global Jam...


A friend of mine is running SO SciFi and SO Space that weekend.  I'll
be at the Kwartzlab table and I'd also kind of like to just enjoy it a

I thought I could maybe squeeze it in after the main SO SciFi event on
Saturday, but I don't think that's going to work.

A couple of options present themselves:

1) The jam could piggy-back on the Ubuntu Hour next Friday (I can't
make that either).  Just like every other Ubuntu hour, except
someone's downloaded the beta image ahead of time, and people who've
brought laptops can give it a whirl.

2) Another kindly Kwartzlab member can take over hosting the event.

If neither of those work and nobody has any better ideas, I think I'm
going to have to cancel. :/