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x11VNC on Ubuntu 14.04


Has anyone been able to get x11VNC working on Ubuntu 14.04?  I had it
running fine on 13.10 but so far no joy on 14.04.  It installs fine but I
can't connect to the host.  Error is "No connection could be made because
the target machine actively refused it".

I'm using the same port forwarding settings that I had running on 13.10 so
it's not my router that's causing the break.

I can ping the laptop by name remotely so my dyndns is working.

I can Putty to the laptop (by FQDN) and get a login prompt (although for
some strange reason it wouldn't take my password).

I'm trying to set up my laptop at home so I can connect to it from work,
with a full desktop similar to RDP.  x11vnc was pretty snappy in 13.10 but
I'm open to other ideas if anyone else is getting a full desktop display in


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