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Re: Xenial Xerus Ubuntu 16.04 Release Party?


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... and the survey says:


Saturday, 23 April from 3:00pm to 6:00pm. But that's only one more
than 6:00pm to 9:00pm. So, in a stroke of scheduling brilliance, I've
split the difference, and created an Ubuntu Release Party event from
4:30pm to 7:30pm, so that at least 6 of the 7 respondents can be there
for maximal partying.  Sorry, Ray...


Register if you can; not a problem if you don't.

Next, we need a venue.  As you all know, I'm really fond of The Egg
Roll King restaurant, but I'm open to other venues.  How about one of

* Egg Roll King
* Chen's Buffet
* Duke of Wellington (on a Saturday? Good luck!)
* Huether Hotel
* William's Coffee Pub -- Kitchener City Hall, Fairview Road,
University Plaza or Northfield Road
* Queen Street Commons Cafe (but that's only open from 10:00am to
4:00pm on Saturdays)
* One of the libraries
* Some other place?

Any other ideas? Should I set up another Framadate poll for this?

If we can decide on a place to go by Monday then I'll spam the other
LUG  mailing lists with the info on Monday night.

- --Bob.

On 2016-04-12 12:45 AM, Bob Jonkman wrote:
> Hi again: The release date for Xenial Xerxus is next week -- where 
> does the time go?
> There's been little uptake on the poll -- earlier today there were 
> only four responses, but due to a little push on the KWLUG mailing 
> list[1] two more were added. The poll closes on the 14th, so get
> your votes in soon!
> Also, we need a venue. I'm always inclined to choose the Egg Roll
> King restaurant, but that's only because I haven't tried everything
> on the menu. Yet. Send me your venue suggestions, on- or off-list,
> and I'll set up another poll to pick the place.
> I'll be going to the Toronto Ubuntu Release Party, as well as the 
> Homebrew Hosting Club meeting, both on 21 April. If anyone wants
> to share a ride into Toronto let me know.
> *What*: Toronto Xenial Xerus Release Party *When*: Thursday, 21
> April 2016 from 8:00pm to 11:45pm *Where*: Alio Lounge, 108 Dundas
> Street West, Toronto, Ontario *Map*:
> http://osm.org/go/ZX6BtMD0--?m=&node=1113718580 *LoCo Event*:
> http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/ubuntu-ca/3330/detail/
> https://homebrewhosting.club/
> --Bob.
> [1]
> http://kwlug.org/pipermail/kwlug-disc_kwlug.org/2016-April/029204.html
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