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[VERY IMPORTANT] Acting Team Leaders


*Note: ALL Ubuntu GNOME Sub-Teams have been included on BCC*

Dear all,

Kindly be reminded that on 28th of June 2014, I have sent:

And at the same day, this announcement has been published everywhere:

And based on the meeting log of 29th of June 2014:

There are some names nominated for this 'NEW' Role within Ubuntu GNOME and
AFAIK, this is the very first time within Ubuntu Communities to have such
role :)
Some of these names attended the meeting. Some other didn't but I vouched
for. Some other names were not mentioned but I'm sure there are some people
who can be there.

*Ubuntu GNOME Community has 48hours starting from this moment to step in
for this NEW ROLE.*

Each Sub-Team - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuGNOME/SubTeams - is required
to have 1-2 Acting Team Leaders.

You do need to realize and understand some solid facts:

   1. I can no longer (at least this cycle) be 24/7 active as I used to
   previously when I first joined Ubuntu GNOME a year ago.
   2. Tim is the head of developers for Ubuntu GNOME and he should not
   waste his time (which is very little) on anything else rather than bug
   fixing and development of the system.
   3. This is a community base project and it should NOT be run or managed
   by 1 or 2 people; this is just the opposite and defeat "Team Work" and
   "Community Based Project" concepts.
   4. ALL of us are smarter and better than anyone of us.
   5. If we really do love/like Ubuntu GNOME and wish to return the favor
   to this system/community, we should really help.

For all the above reason, this is a must-do-step. Failure to do that will
definitely affect a lot of things:


*What you (ALL Ubuntu GNOME members or users) are required to do:*

   1. Those who have been mentioned on the meeting need to reply this email
   with their Launchpad ID so that I can add them to Ubuntu GNOME Shinobi Team
   - http://ubuntugnome.org/ubuntu-gnome-leaders-board/
   2. Those who have not been mentioned on the meeting and would like to
   step in, please do as mentioned on #1 above.
   3. No special requirements needed. If you are active daily (15-30
   minutes maximum) and know about Ubuntu GNOME can step in.
   4. If truth to be told, the more people step in for each sub-team the
   better. But it is all about quality not quantity.
   5. Please, DO NOT blame anyone from Ubuntu GNOME Team if something will
   not be the way you like. We are limited in manpower and this is no secret
   and this NEW ROLE will help each sub-team to operate in more freedom and
   better performance. After all, the system will be better and the users will
   be happier.

You see, we're trying to be the best (system wise and community wise) and
this will require extra effort and going the extra miles. Things will never
happen magically.

As always, I do have lots of plans and ideas for Ubuntu GNOME :) however,
without your help, me and my ideas are helpless and pointless. Please, keep
that in mind. I'm not a superman and no one is. *ALL TOGETHER we can be
supermen* ;)

Thank you!

Remember: "All of us are smarter than any one of us."
Best Regards,
amjjawad <https://wiki.ubuntu.com/amjjawad>
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